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Just what I have in mind for the past few months.

  • Make 5th wings price same as 4th since they do the same thing, thus, 4th wing is even better because every char can wear it. 
  • If price of 5th wings can't be the same as 4th wing, at least make 5th wings slightly better than 4th wings.
  • Make demons cheaper so many players can afford it every day. Maybe lowering down the price to 100 is good enough. 
  • Make a huge stack of pots (example:250 pots stacked) but limit the ability of a character to carry pots to 640. More Space. Same amount of pots to be carried. With benefits of having more than 1 set in storage while playing.
  • Don't allow any kind of potions to be put into store
  • Every month. Include a 1 day event where all players can freely change stats and ML. Just for 1 day every month would be fun. 

These are all just what I have in mind. Just want to share what I've got so far.


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