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  1. =VASH=

    PVP RF vs RF

  2. =VASH=

    PVP MG vs MG

  3. =VASH=


    CHANGE OF CHAR.. i will use ===ErzA=== Tnx...
  4. UP for this.... #1. for Potion if possible 1 slot for max of 640 Healing POTION 1 slot for 255 Mana Potion.. Players can carry other items.. Specially in Farming^^ If Possible.... Thanks in Advance.. #2. Make Demon Price Cheaper.. from 150wcc.. if Possible.. for 100wcc.. tnx ^^ #3. 5th wing vs 4th wing.. Accessibility... ^^ 4th wing can wear by any char.. 5th wing with higher prize for own class only.. no advantage vs 4th wing... ^^ if Possible.. make it +12% in opt^^ like 12%IGN, 12%RET, 12%CLR,12%CMR. if Possible Only ^_^.. AGAIN IF POSSIBLE.. Thanks in Advance... ADMIN/GM(ROB/K/BADOR)
  5. =VASH=

    Socketed Items

    none.. im just trying to figure out something gm, about commenting in a post.. cause in gm veshnu's post i cant see comment box.. so i try to comment to others post.. and its ok.. thats why it is.. i want to register in gm veshnu's posted event.. Btw tnx GM Rob