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  1. S3 Set will do, but if you can give new set why not.
  2. Good day! Just saying, can you change the goldpet into 1Full Gear as Castle Holder Grandslam? But the Holder Guild can only use one dummy to defend. They cant use 2 or more so that the other guilds can join the castle. Im sure everyone wants this prize and everyone can attack the castle for the prizes.
  3. CAFGUjr


    Okay Thank you so much Sir Rob for granted my suggestion. I'm excited for next patch/update .
  4. CAFGUjr


    Good day! - I just notice awhile ago, you can play the Official MU Helper during CS time i think you need to remove this to easy release the holder from switches using stomp. since they can use this helper during CS specially the holders. hope before CS you can fix this for fun .. - /request off upon my checking this isn't working i did this many times in CS still they can trade me once i holded the switch.
  5. CAFGUjr


    Thanks, Boss BADOR i didnt know that we have Online Hour convert to Credits. Thanks for this information.
  6. CAFGUjr

    Q and A

    BTW ill join to your event. 😅 NOTED 6PM
  7. CAFGUjr

    Q and A

    No problem GM, If you want them to active in our forum thats right you have to make event in our forum what im saying is do formal make thread for events. This is for us, If you made event in our chat box im sure if everyone will chatted your event question will disappear 🤔, what im trying to say what if there is new comers in our forum she/he can browse our old event.
  8. CAFGUjr

    Q and A

    HI GM, LOOKS GOOD for your event, can you please make thread for your event instead in chat box just to make formal. Chat box is for chat. Hope you understand.
  9. Nice, but im hoping this suggestion will approve by admins. We want to defend the castle by adding dummy.
  10. Congratulation . BTW parang mas maganda maka pag dummy yung Holder. Kasi pag wala parang madali lang makuha yung Castle from defender, i suggest that the holder can use dummy guild for defending the castle.
  11. Any Update for this, i think this is great suggestion im sure everyone will hunt .
  12. CAFGUjr