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      Donations List   05/06/18

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      New Sets = 600 Php ($12.00) Succubus                Lazy Wind Helm Sticky Helm Ambition Mask Stormwing Helm Light Lord Helmet Dark Devil Helm Tigris Helm Crimson Skull Helm +15+L+28(NO EXE)+3Socket of your Choice. Other Socketed Set that is not in the list = 500 Php ($10.00) Accesories = 100 php (2$.00) /3 peices.
      +3+3%+2option{of your choice} Weapons/shield with sockets = 100 Php ($2.00) Each. Wings
      3rd wings = 300 php ($6.00) Each
      4th wings = 500 php ($10.00) Each
      5th wings = 600 php ($12.00) Each +L+2opt+28  Fenrir+3rd wing (this is just a bonus/package for now)  Red = 350php ($7.00) Blue = 450php ($9.00) black = 500php ($10.00)   Tier 1 & 2 + Lucky Sets = 300 php ($6.00) Non Exe +L+15 Regular Package = 500 php ($10.00) Shield or Weapons(2 pieces) /Set+15+L+2opt(of your choice)+28+Yo(380 No Exe Options) +3rd Wings With Accessories. For Example: Great Dragon set + 15+L+28+2option+Yo Weapons: Shield/sword or Sword/sword. [for elf is just a 1 Bow or 1 Mace + shield] Wings or capes + 15+L+2opt+28 + 3accessories +3+L+28+2option
      Donations info: MoneyGram, Palawan, WesternUnion Etc. For Door to door-- 1st step: Go to the nearest Palawan Express Pera Padala or etc.
      2nd Step: Send Donation Payments to:
      Name: Julius
      Last Name: Carpentero
      Full name: Julius E. Carpentero
      Phone Number:  09207301290
      Address: Tinabangay II Alaska Mambaling, Cebu City
      Location: Philippines
      for more info let us know.
      3rd: After Sending the money Please provide the receipt with you and take a photo or scanned it, send it to Donation. <- Click.  With your Sender Name: Sender Country: Reference number: Amount Sent: With your Username in EzraMu: Then we double check the receipt. Make sure Double Check the name! if there is one letter missing or a mistake we cannot do anything because the donation will not be claim. We cannot give you the request you provide. Then the Photo of your receipt.   It may Take 4 to 24 hours waiting due to time zone and waiting to claim for the money.


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    ANNOUNCEMENT: WHAT: GUILD WAR EVENT WHEN: SATURDAY after CASTLE SIEGE 08/18/2018 WHERE: ARENA Map We would start early, para di tayo mag conflict sa event ni Bador Bagor wiz vs wiz jsets no ML Event Mechanic ... Must be: • Composed of 5 characters (Different class) • Strategical composition of the 5 characters • All items/pets/access./wings are included • Any buffs like postions are included • No dummy character (once caught automatically DQ whole team) • No replacement/substitution of character during the event once DC (when the event will start please secure your connections) • No changes of Guild lineup once it is already registered and confirmed. • 5 mins time allocation to reconnect once DC/bad connection before the war will start • No outside party (Once caught automatically DQ whole team) • If above 2 guilds/teams participants, (winner vs winner = champion) • Only champion who can receive the prizes. Prizes: • 1,500 Credits / 300 credits each member • 5 New Jewel of your choice 1 each member • 10 pcs SSlvl5 (it will depend on your socket option choices) / 2 pcs each member. NOTE: Please register your guilds 1-2 days before the event will start to avoid delay. Reply/Comment this topic to register your guild together with your GUILD NAME and GUILD MASTER, thanks
  2. PVP All Map

    Yun oh!
  3. PVP All Map

    Make it english natnat, so that sir rob can understand 😊
  4. Hide And Seek

    simple and easy credit and HRS, Hide and Seek
  5. Maybe

  6. Q and A

    hellow CAFGUjr, thanks for your suggestion but the purpose for this event is to force all players to be active always in our forum, if i will make a thread some of the answer will be delayed. in addition some of the players suggestion disapprove to our admins because no one support for that suggestion, hope all players in ezra will be also active here in our forum, thanks
  7. Q and A

    Hi guys, i will host an event in our forum chat box "Question and Answer" every "tuesday and thursday", so please register now and be active in our forum so that you can also know whats happening in our community, thanks! the price will be 100 Credits, 10 bless, 10 soul and 10 chaos in every correct answer. in every event have 10 questions related to MU.

    we already vote for this but its a tie :))


    noted! by the way who is the guild master?