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  1. LordArka


    S> Wings of Dimension +15+IGN+RET+L+HP Recovery S> Wings of Dimension +15+IGN+RET+L+28 Damage S> Wings of Ruin +15+IGN+RET+L+28 Damage S> 4 x Archangel Sword +15+EDR+LVL+L+28 Damage S> Gaion Storm Crow Set Donated S> 3 Hyon Dragon Parts Donated (DD STILL UNLOCKED EVEN WITH NO LS) Looking For: 1. Wings of Storm +15+IGN+RET+L+28Damage 2. [GD/SCALE/LEATHER]+15+DD+HP+L Note: I can only trade what I'm currently selling.
  2. Just what I have in mind for the past few months. Make 5th wings price same as 4th since they do the same thing, thus, 4th wing is even better because every char can wear it. If price of 5th wings can't be the same as 4th wing, at least make 5th wings slightly better than 4th wings. Make demons cheaper so many players can afford it every day. Maybe lowering down the price to 100 is good enough. Make a huge stack of pots (example:250 pots stacked) but limit the ability of a character to carry pots to 640. More Space. Same amount of pots to be carried. With benefits of having more than 1 set in storage while playing. Don't allow any kind of potions to be put into store Every month. Include a 1 day event where all players can freely change stats and ML. Just for 1 day every month would be fun. These are all just what I have in mind. Just want to share what I've got so far. #Respect
  3. Good day admin! I would like to report the incident regarding my account. my account with character Deadpool was deleted from your server. I hope this can be rectified as soon as possible! Thanks and more power EzraMU!
  4. I hope Character transfer would be available soon. As I have made an account with 2 different class of character that I want to separate. Thanks!
  5. Not a Big Deal but I hope to see a change name feature in the near future... And I hope that Goblin Points can be activated so we can buy at least for a demon. Thanks!
  6. For a noob player like me in lowrate... Can you please increase the amount of stacks for pots(from 5 to 15 or 20 or worst case . or just allow it to be stackable but with limit of numbers to carry. I know this would trigger some of the low rate pro players but please do allow me to suggest this