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  1. When will the "big update" happen??? Last update from you sir @Rob is that it was postponed due to family reasons and we honestly understand, however, you've given a word that you will start the actual big update last Monday. Today is the 2nd week from the date you've mentioned and we are blindsided here if there is something happening. Can you guys from your end at-least give us a heads up if the big update is now being processed or it's still in pending state due to more testing and etc? Just an update regarding what will happen next is really helpful. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Jogz

    PVP RF vs RF

  3. Jogz

    PVP SM vs SM

  4. Jogz

    BK vs BK

  5. Jogz

    PVP RF vs RF

    I would like to retract my registration as I'm certain to will miss this event. Please give my slot to other aspiring RFs. Thanks!
  6. Jogz

    PVP RF vs RF

  7. up for this one.
  8. Jogz

    PVP MG vs MG

  9. up. need feedbacks regarding this one.
  10. forget it, ill register!!! IGN. Tenacity
  11. Very nice event guys, however, I have work during those hours but still, have fund guys! Best event so far!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️