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  1. Its better close your forum or server draven you cant keep uP. Your such a failure developer. And thank your service.
  2. im not sure, i dont have any idea at all if this is balance. you are assuming a Newbie with max elf buffers or even other max chars? remember he/she was struggling "A Newbie", carrying those items you cant do loots. even if PVP full inventory pots? instead we can save some slots for other items.
  3. in addtition to that this my suggeston for Red/Blue pots. well it is so annoying to see your inventory full of red and blue pot, Sir Draven why not set it to max count including your extension "2" inventories using a "1" slot space from you inventory, say for Example Only: max inventory count + 2 exrtension count = 500 pots full inventory ( base on red pots ), optional if he/she has extension inventory. then it means you cant bring blue pots, now you need to divide the number of counts from your red/blue pots. in order to bring those two kind of pots you need to divide the counts. If max count pots was 500: you can bvring 300 red + 200blue or vice versa = 500 in total whatever the player wants to bring. this is also saving spavce from your inventory and you can bring some extra piece of Sh*t. brother Draven from different a mother this is more complicated now, hoping you can work it out. lovingly yours, a brother from different mother.
  4. Hello Draven/ Staffs, Good day. how are you? hope you're well. This is my first time to post a thread since the site was up. so here we go! I have a few suggestions or maybe a request whatever you consider this thread in your own. Im hoping you are open with this matter. Probably this would be helpful, good for the server, and especially players can do benefits too and these are the following: TOCA (talisman of chaos assembly) - as far as i notice i haven't seen it was drooped from a regular/Boss monster's as considered a "very rare item" , rather it was sold only for "X" shop and you wcoins for purchasing for the specified item. My Suggestion - why not include it to normal monster (starting from Tarkan map abd forward) with a low drop rate say 5% I dont know if you consider it as low drop rate. At least this time players can be able to hunt and have their own expectation will have success/achieve. Reminder some players still playing on internet cafe as a matter of fact they need to pay for hourly usage. Even me I'm so F*cking desperate and frustated to obtain this items. 2. Jewel of Luck and Talisman of Luck - since i started playin 2-3 months ago with this server i haven't pick up /looted the said kind jewels. Even how many times I visited my friend SELUPAN he couldn't give that such thing.So to conclude drop rate is still the same as said on item #1. 3.Jewel of Bless/Soul/Chaos /Life/Creation - drop rate is too high enough, make it lower than set drop rate percentage exists right now. My Idea - make a drought system with all of this jewels in rotation, example for couple or three months make drop rate of jewel of bless be a very low say 1%?, this make jewel more valuable than others, and return it back to its normal drop rate after that. Next is jewel of Soul for the following months and so the other jewels too. Why did I came up this idea i try to observe my chars hunting for one day damn jewels are pouring and I see less people trying selling items thru jewels. How to become more valuable is base on per players selling/trading activity as jewels being tight drop rate. other items could be more expensive base on jewels value and abundance at that rate of time. 4. WCOINS - wooooooooh! talking about this matter is pretty difficult, but we'll give it a try? =). So earning the credit points tough and it was base on (vote thru website and online hours played) am I right? or is there anything how to obtain some points. 4-1. BY VOTE - Sir Remember that we are Advertising and trying to prove EZRA is best server compared to others (voting means in MU Global/International Server rankings?) we do competitive as other server does. That we also Attract more players , donors wink wink . Plus can boastfully refer some other old players/friends etc. tellin them we are having FUN! with starting +13 J-Items set which is good for newbies like me ^^. The most interesting are Moderator and staffs are active. Suggestion - PLEASE increase vote credits atleast players can buy something in "X" shop. existing credits points given is 50 or 100 im not sure what exact prize and a wait for 12hrs for next vote. can we make it every 4 hrs? IF possible . but I really dont know how it works or the rule on voting system in (MU GLOBAL SERVER ranking). Please explain. That prize given can't buy TOCA ^^. it is pain in the A*S bro. THE MORE THE VOTES CAST THE MOST WERE ON TOP OF RANKING. 4-2. By online Hours - No idea whats the conversion for online hours played by players. Not by exaggerating this again even if we combined both vote and online hours played i think you couldn't buy expensive items of "X" shop. Suggestion - raise credits please at the end of the game its fun fun fun shop shop. 5. PK SYSTEM - Please Enable PVP on all maps (sorry except on event map). The key part of the game is not limited on hunting and leveling it is really quiet BORING, But awesome things happen is PK/Pawning players while leveling or hunting ( this would end up bringing the strongest Characters they got). fun right? agreeee..... 6. Event Staffs - Assign them to their own task. there was only few events happened. Reason NO prize was allocated. on my point of view do it weekly on weekends basis. meeting all different time zones. i know this really hard job for them maybe you have idea what to do. Thats is for now, more coming!, maybe some players can come up with good suggestions/ ideas/comments to improve my thread posted. MUtizens Please voice out its time and our opportunity to ask some favor beacause site is up now! and dont hesitate to add up your suggestion as it is WELCOME HERE! P.S. my previous thread please forget it, it was posted raw i press enter LOL. If you want to improve my suggestion we can settled it in Arena! just kiddin BTW we can debate/talk about for improvements and for our souls sake hahaha. Reply based on item number anyways. Lovingly Yours, HAHAHA - an active player (=