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  1. Will update you guys about the promotion after our big update.
  2. Rob

    Socketed Items

    Sorry for the delayed response, didn't see it. Once it's officially released it will show the correct stats.
  3. I had this option enabled. But it does seem a little unfair to other voters. It is disabled for the month of April and moving forward.
  4. Rob

    Deleted Account

    Resolved /close
  5. Rob

    Launcher Problem

    Closing since issue is resolved.
  6. Rob

    Launcher Problem

    @blink182 is your issue solved?
  7. Rob

    To Sir ROB

    Fixed, please check in game. New expiry
  8. Rob

    Deleted Account

    Re-register on the website using the same account id and it should be recovered.
  9. Rob


    Lucky sets can not be store in vault. It's bounded to the character.
  10. Rob

    PVP All Map

    Some changes will be done in update 1.10
  11. Rob


    Noted, request command will work with the upcoming update 1.10
  12. Rob

    Update 1.09

    - Added new socket items to Selupuan - Added silver/gold key & sealed silver/gold box to drops - Updated Erohim drops (New jewel of luck & skill) - Disabled Doppleganger event - Fixed blue chocolate box drop - Our forums is now back