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    PVP EVENT BY CLASS CATEGORY EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY FRIDAY PVP EVENT 8PM SHARP GMT+8 (April 12, 2019) HOSTED BY: GM Sinner assisted by: HGM VESHNU and GM MadMax MG VS MG LOC: DUEL ROOM LEVEL 400, MASTERING LEVEL 200 Rules: - J-SETS/WEP+9 GEARS ONLY - SMALL WING+0+0 - EXC ACCESSORIES ALLOWED - DEMON, IMP - DC = Lose - Player who already registered and Late during call time = Lose - REGISTRATION IS BEFORE 8PM, late registration cannot join the event - We will get 8 participants only, so register as early as you can - no dummy character (1 person 1 character) - Race 5 first character get 5 kill will win - for final round race 10 - Trophy holder offline/absent, the trophy wlll automatically transfer to the new champion - champion will wait for the new challenger *PRICE: 1luck,1sock,1add,1skill "PLUS TROPHY" EXCELLENT EXPLOSION BLADE+15+Pink and Yellow Option+EDR+28 note: trophy is transferable to the new champion in same class, every class have excellent 380 trophy. EDIT: each time the champ successfully defended his title as a champ, 1 exc option will be added to his/her trophy. But if he loss defending his title Trophy will be pass to the next champ exc. option will be back to 1 option. -BADOR FOR REGISTRATION COMMENT BELOW YOUR IGN (in game name) GOODLUCK EZRANIANS AND MORE POWER 🤘
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    lets wait admin K to reply about it, he already saw your post.
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    ign: lil1i1i