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  2. Rob

    Socketed Items

    Sorry for the delayed response, didn't see it. Once it's officially released it will show the correct stats.
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  4. I had this option enabled. But it does seem a little unfair to other voters. It is disabled for the month of April and moving forward.
  5. I was checking top voters and I found 68 votes to be impossible. Since the last record is for March 22 2019 and the reset took place around the first week of the month, would the max vote up to the last date recorded would be 44 votes because 12hours/day = 2votes a day 2 votes a day (22 march 2019) = 44 votes max. Can somebody explain to me how Regnar2 reached 68 votes? Am I doing my math wrong? or this is manipulating votes? As to my knowledge manipulating votes is equivalent to a ban.
  6. Hi Rob/Admins/GM/TGM's, Out of curiosity, I searched for the item data based of some swords and to my surprise, I pulled off their information (although the stats visuals are bugged) and I can see that it is already in game. Can I just kindly ask when or are you planning to launch this items soon? Really want to try using those ❤️ 1. Cyclone Sword Socketed Item. +15+28 damage Stat Requirements: STR: 1114 AGI: 311 2. Sonic Blade Socketed Item. +15+28 damage Stat Requirements: STR: 340 AGI: 962 3. Magmus Peer Socketed Item. +15+28 damage Stat Requirements: STR: 340 AGI: 962
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  8. LordArka


    S> Wings of Dimension +15+IGN+RET+L+HP Recovery S> Wings of Dimension +15+IGN+RET+L+28 Damage S> Wings of Ruin +15+IGN+RET+L+28 Damage S> 4 x Archangel Sword +15+EDR+LVL+L+28 Damage S> Gaion Storm Crow Set Donated S> 3 Hyon Dragon Parts Donated (DD STILL UNLOCKED EVEN WITH NO LS) Looking For: 1. Wings of Storm +15+IGN+RET+L+28Damage 2. [GD/SCALE/LEATHER]+15+DD+HP+L Note: I can only trade what I'm currently selling.
  9. Just what I have in mind for the past few months. Make 5th wings price same as 4th since they do the same thing, thus, 4th wing is even better because every char can wear it. If price of 5th wings can't be the same as 4th wing, at least make 5th wings slightly better than 4th wings. Make demons cheaper so many players can afford it every day. Maybe lowering down the price to 100 is good enough. Make a huge stack of pots (example:250 pots stacked) but limit the ability of a character to carry pots to 640. More Space. Same amount of pots to be carried. With benefits of having more than 1 set in storage while playing. Don't allow any kind of potions to be put into store Every month. Include a 1 day event where all players can freely change stats and ML. Just for 1 day every month would be fun. These are all just what I have in mind. Just want to share what I've got so far. #Respect
  10. Rob

    Launcher Problem

    Closing since issue is resolved.
  11. Rephil = 2time Grandslam holder.
  12. yes sir rob thank you !
  13. Rob

    Launcher Problem

    @blink182 is your issue solved?
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