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Donations List


Item List

New Sets = 600 Php ($12.00)

  • Succubus               
  • Lazy Wind Helm
  • Sticky Helm
  • Ambition Mask
  • Stormwing Helm
  • Light Lord Helmet
  • Dark Devil Helm
  • Tigris Helm
  • Crimson Skull Helm

+15+L+28(NO EXE)+3Socket of your Choice.

Other Socketed Set that is not in the list = 500 Php ($10.00)

Accesories = 100 php (2$.00) /3 peices.
+3+3%+2option{of your choice}

Weapons/shield with sockets = 100 Php ($2.00) Each.

3rd wings = 300 php ($6.00) Each
4th wings = 500 php ($10.00) Each
5th wings = 600 php ($12.00) Each


Fenrir+3rd wing (this is just a bonus/package for now) 

Red = 350php ($7.00)

Blue = 450php ($9.00)

black = 500php ($10.00)


Tier 1 & 2 + Lucky Sets = 300 php ($6.00)

Non Exe +L+15

Regular Package = 500 php ($10.00)

Shield or Weapons(2 pieces) /Set+15+L+2opt(of your choice)+28+Yo(380 No Exe Options)

+3rd Wings With Accessories.

For Example: Great Dragon set + 15+L+28+2option+Yo

Weapons: Shield/sword or Sword/sword. [for elf is just a 1 Bow or 1 Mace + shield]

Wings or capes + 15+L+2opt+28 + 3accessories +3+L+28+2option

Donations info: MoneyGram, Palawan, WesternUnion Etc.

For Door to door-- 1st step: Go to the nearest Palawan Express Pera Padala or etc.

2nd Step: Send Donation Payments to:
Name: Julius
Last Name: Carpentero
Full name: Julius E. Carpentero
Phone Number:  09207301290
Address: Tinabangay II Alaska Mambaling, Cebu City
Location: Philippines

for more info let us know.

3rd: After Sending the money Please provide the receipt with you and take a photo or scanned it, send it to Donation. <- Click.  With your

Sender Name:

Sender Country:

Reference number:

Amount Sent:

With your Username in EzraMu:

Then we double check the receipt. Make sure Double Check the name! if there is one letter missing or a mistake we cannot do anything because the donation will not be claim. We cannot give you the request you provide.

Then the Photo of your receipt.


It may Take 4 to 24 hours waiting due to time zone and waiting to claim for the money.